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Yes, these beauties are being offered up with no reserve on eBay starting tonight, Thursday, December 1st 2005 for a 10 day auction listing ending Sunday, December 10th 2005.


The auctions start at 6:00 PM, 6:15 PM, 6:30 PM, and 6:45 PM pacific time so if you tried a link it shouldn't work until the listings become active.


You don't want to miss these.


1897 1c NGC PF66BN Ice Blue Toned Proof Indian Cent




There are almost no words to describe how visually attractive this coin is. An incredibly vibrant monochromatic deep icy blue envelops this lovey coin but that isn''t all that makes this piece so phenomenal. It isn''t often that these Proof Indian cents are able to catch the light so fully that they reflect the full essence of their color without being tilted directly into a light source. Anyone who has tried to photograph coins knows that Toned Proof Indian cents are without a doubt, the hardest to capture accurately. This coin is so exceptional that it can be held just before to where the light will gently brush up against the rims and an explosion of blue ignites on the surfaces and allows you to fully enjoy the piece without imagining how vibrant the color really would be behind the glare of the big, thick, slab. It also made photographing this coin much easier than expected. A very beautiful piece that would greatly add wonderful color to your toned coin collection. Needless to say, you don''t have to be into toned coins to appreciate this blue monster.




1851 H10c ANACS MS64 Target Toned Half Dime




Bright with attractive target patination across the obverse with warm earth tones of mossy green, brick red, gold, and yellow-green near the center. The reverse is also light and with teal, red-brown, and light gold patination.


The luster still shimmers throughout but slightly stronger on the reverse. The devices are well struck with full wreath detail being noted on the reverse. The stars and denticles are all sharp with Liberty being fully defined. No clash marks are present on this pleasingly toned example.


Most of the toned examples exhibit dark unattractive mottling. The ones that aren''t dark have usually been dipped to a blazing white while a select few, such as this specimen, remain fully original with light, attractive album toning.


If you have been searching for a half dime like this, you know how hard it is to find them in this wonderful original, yet lightly toned, condition. I would not hesitate on this piece because they don''t come around very often.




1908 1c PCGS PR65BN Toned Indian Head Cent




Dramatic shades of blue, lime green, maroon, and gold accent the exceptional Orange Peel fields of this tremendously attractive and technically superb Proof Indian Head Cent. As the coin is twirled in the light a blast of pleasing colors jump off the coin with varying degrees of vibrancy. The reverse is encircled with hues of powerful magenta and cobalt blue while the center is a copper orange with attractive patches of blue encroaching from the rims over the wreath which displays nice colors in protected areas. No unattractive dark spots on this piece to detract from the fully detailed strike reminiscent of a very early die state. A completely satisfying coin in every regard; this coin has the EagleEye Photo-Seal as an indication of the high degree of quality you will be recieving if you are considering this spectacular piece.




1895 1c NGC PF65BN Magenta/Blue Toned Indian Cent




This coin has alot going for it. Number one, it''s got awesome color, which I will get to in a second. Number two, the 895 in the date is heavily repunched to the East which is clearly noticable without a loupe. This variety (Snow-1 FS-011.3) is considered very scarce. It is suspected that only 1/3 of the total 2,062 proofs minted this year are of this variety and I can almost without a doubt assure you that none of them look this amazing. NGC has only graded 1 other FS-011.3 as noted in the census report as a sole PR65RB. This coin not being designated as such on the holder would make it the only other to be designated as such.




The color this piece exhibits is without a doubt, the nicest a toned Indian cent can aspire to exhibit. Deeply vibrant shades cobalt blue caress the powerful shades of magenta in the protected areas. The reverse shows fabulous waves of royal and cobalt blue mixed in with splashes of purple and magenta. The ultra deep mirrored surface of this coin is engulfed in glorious color when tilted into the light!


With all of the wonderful qualities this coin exhibits, there are not many examples out there that could match the caliber of this piece and the timeless value of eye appeal and rarity which it represents.




<a  href=]http://www.anacondararecoins.com/images/coins/191834513_rev.jpg' alt='191834513_rev.jpg'>

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