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What is considered Rim Damage?

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I have seen some coins here and there like rarer and key date morgans that are graded by NGC and appear to have minor rim damage, dings, etc... Is the rim damage policy a newer one you have made up since you originally started grading? Also, is there any consideration when it comes to rarity to side on this rule? For example, I have an opportunity to get this rarer $5 classis head 1834 plain 4 gold piece that looks like AU58 and up but it has a minor rim ding. Is this ungradeable by you? I added a pic here. The damage is in the 2 o'clock area.


Thanks, Robert

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We do not grade coins that have rim damage, which include severe and/or deep gouges, filing, etc... that are not normally seen nor associated with circulation wear. If a coin has a nick, light cut, or marks on the rim, it certainly can be a gradeable piece. The rim in its nature is intended in part to serve as an protective measure for the life of a coin in circulation, and normal marks, wear, scratches, just like those on the coins' devices or surfaces, is allowed and accounts for the grade itself.


NGC has not holdered coins with rim damage since our inception.


As far as your image, it is really grainy in the area you are asking about, and I can't tell if it is an actual cut or nick in the rim, or part of the black background. I would recommend making sure you have a set return policy or if possible, going to view the coin in person prior to purchase.



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I'm wondering if that could be solder at 2:00. Otherwise, it looks like a very nice, original coin.

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