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Question About Your Census And Foreign Coins

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I was looking at the NGC census, checking out some foreign coins and saw that some of the data is obviously wrong. For example, some Swiss 1 Franc coins with population totals listed as 22 and 1, then going to the breakdown and seeing that there are 80,000 listed in MS67 etc. This seemed to be the case in a couple of coins I looked into. I'm not sure if this represents a rampant problem. Also, I went to check the pop on a 1915 France 2 Francs and didn't even see the date as listed in your database. I know you have graded such a date--I own one in NGC65.

So my question is do you have any plans to try to go in and clean up the census as concerns foreign coins where there are obvious errors? Are you aware there are problems, or have I just stumbled upon some abberations?


Second a question about one coin in particular. A 1947-S MacArthur Phillipines 50 Centavo. You have over 1000 listed as being graded MS65. Now, this is entirely possible to me. But, PCGS has 15 graded total in any grade in their database. Are the numbers you have for this coin correct to your knowlege? And if so, can you tell me if one person submitted some kind of hoard to you at any time?


Thank you for considering my questions,



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We are in the process of correcting the world coin census date. The 80,000 coins under the Swiss coin catagory is some type of data error. The printed NGC census report shows 404 coins graded MS-67 and a total of 6600 in all gades. The data for France needs updating and will be done soon. NGC graded a large hoard of the 1947-S Philippine 50 centavos many years ago. The population for this issue is up to date.

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