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saw hoots part one article in coin world 4/28 on the jeffs full step

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it was very VERY well written and it really increased my knowledge


and i could see a collector must have wrote it and knew exactly what he was talking about


and now i understand where you get your hoot handle from


if coin world had more collectors like hoot writing there would be more collectors and demand for coins!


sincerely michael

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Thanks very much Michael, Carl, Kranky!!! I was in California on travel when the first article came out. I went to a half dozen different book stores and called all around! I finally found a dealer who had a copy of CW for me to look at! Also, I found that a lot of bookstores seem to have discontinued carrying CW! frown.gif I did find it at a Barnes and Noble, but it was the previous week's. Where are all the people in our hobby??? (Maybe they just subscribe!)


Thanks again for the notice! It's fun to write about stuff that's simply fun! smile.gif Hoot

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hi there hoot

it is too bad you cnnt find any coin books or coin world ,sold anywhere,,,,, even where i live

i think it must be all subscriptions

coins is still small not main, stream could you imagine if coins went main stream!


wow but hoot a good article that is informative and really helps the coin hobby with good positive information that makes many want to get excited and learn and collect coins


more collectors and articles like you are needed hoot

and the hobby would increase by ten fold and hopefully many stay a lifetime


sincerely michael

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