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First Post here, pics of some of my raw coins

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Hi, I'm sure many of you know me possibly from the PCGS boards, I am a late arrival as far as posting here, but figure I would show a few of my toned coins that at some point will be sent to NGC for grading. Feel free to make comments on my lousy lighting and camera work(I am still working on that part) as well as the coins or post some of your own. Andy


43-S Jefferson Obv

43-S Jefferson Rev


terrible picture of incredible end roll toned Washington quarter

another bad picture, hopefully the vibrant greens and reds showup


76-S Silver Kennedy Rainbow rim tone obv

76-S Silver Kennedy rim toned rev


76-S Silver Ike rim toned obv, from same set as the Kennedy above


64 Kennedy Nice Rainbow Obv

64 Kennedy Multicolor Reverse, TomB has the matching coin to this one, toning sides are reversed



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Howdy andy007 and welcome! smile.gif Geez, it looks like it took you a while to post after you registered. wink.gif


I looked at your images and some were out of focus so it was a little difficult to get a good "feel" for the look. The reverse of the Jefferson looks superb, I can't really comment on the obverse because it was a bit blurred. The Bicentennial coinage was also very attractive. I liked that ring of color around the rims. Yes, we have some similar JFKs, don't we.


I hope we'll see you more on these Boards.

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Hi Andy,


Welcome, my friend. Stay over here since the place across the 'street' has become a bunch of Hoodlums and you are too good of a guy to get beat up over there.



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welcome over! smile.gif pics arent too bad, still better than what I have managed to do! taking pictures of coins is definately not as easy as it seems like it should be!

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