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There are ~155 Half Dimes, I have 23. How do I find a dealer to fill my list?

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I live in a semi-remote area of Michigan. I'm in the restaurant business not the coin business. I am lucky to attend 2 major shows a year. I've purchased most of my coins from Heritage, some from eBay, some from these boards.


[L=Higashiyama's thread]http://forums.collectors.com/categories.cfm?catid=26&zb=6987546[/L] made me think about never (or rarely) buying internet coins for this series but how does someone as removed as I am complete the set? I would NOT have purchased the keys without seeing them but there are still a hundred or so "common" coins valued between $300 and $1,000 or so that I want and will not be able to find at my local pawn shop.


Any volunteers? I don't forsee being able to realistically attend more shows


If the general concensus from the high end people like Laura, Dragon, Adrian, etc.. say that over the long run you'll do much better paying someone a commission to look at them first hand i'd LOVE to begin a relationship like that with someone and develop over the next 5 years or so an outstanding Half Dime series.


PM me, phone me, email me, snailmail me and maybe we can "do business" smile.gif


or reply here and tell me i'm nuts if that's the case

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Wow Mr. DQ,


You are going to have every dealer in the country crawling all over you to help you build your set !! Heck, putting together a half dime set sounds like fun, I'd be happy to help you myself !! laugh.gif


Seriously, first you need to develop a strategy. What grade range are you looking for? Are you looking for certified coins (certainly necessary for MS63+, and advisable for AU55+), or were you looking to complete a set of uncertified, circulated coins? If you are looking for certified coins, what numerical grade range? What holders? (Hint, stick to PCGS and NGC).


Of course, your strategy will depend on budget. Do you want to complete a set for $30,000 or $300,000 or more? This will determine the grade ranges that you can attain.


If you want all the coins in one type of holder (e.g. NGC), then promise yourself that you are not going to waste time on crossover submissions, and just DON'T LOOK at coins in any other holders, or have a dealer manage that end of things for you.


Now that you have a strategy (for example, you want coins in either PCGS or NGC holders, and you want the common dates in MS64-65, and the keys in AU55-MS63, and you'll skip the 1870-S) ... then look at dealer inventories or post on this Board to see which dealers meet your goals.


For example, if you want the finest possible set of finest known half dimes, call Legend !!! But if you want to assemble a set of MS63 coins, there are other dealers who might be appropriate.


And finally, the collectors on these Boards can be a huge resource. I have a stash of certified MS seated dimes & half dimes that I was not planning to sell now ... but you never know what could happen !!!


Good luck with your set !!




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It's important to develop a good relationship with just a few dealers who specialize in your area of collecting, say four dealers at most. They will develop a working want list for you and will send you 'on approval' the coins you desire after major coin conventions. You can also go to coin shows on an irregular basis when time warrants.



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Mr. DQ,


I second what Sunnywood said. You need to have an idea of how you want your set to end up looking like. It is also my strongest opinion that finding the right dealer is critical. I have seen many "named" collections come on the market the past couple of years, and many of these collections were formed not too long ago by folks who didn't rely on trustworthy dealers.


Half dimes are an interesting denomination. There are a handful of keys for the Seated portion, none of which are so rare. The Capped Bust stuff has no keys (IMO), and the Draped Bust Small Eagle portion has a couple of keys. Arguably, all the Draped Bust material are keys in nice, original condition.




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here is a little half sister for you ngc ms68* star


the first mintstate star coin and currently the only star coin graded in the legend obverse series 1860 to 1873 and a ms68 to boot


fully prooflike on both sides and much better in person sight seen but the scans is all we gots on here


i will also private message you and suggest to you who you might ask to assist you in this project


and see if this person can help you i do not know but there might be a meeting of the minds so to speak


but i guess it doesnot hurt to ask!


sincerely michael




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