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Four ANACS coins for sale - tough UNCs net-priced (sorry no pics yet)

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All recently ANACS-graded - NO losers here! These are recently consigned to me, and the price represents only a minimal markup from the reserve. Net prices are PPD anywhere in the USA. All of these came from the same collection, graded just before the Silver Dollar Show.


1918 Illinois Commemorative half, MS-64

Gorgeous and original, if there ever was an ANACS undergrade, this is it. Booming luster, with the only "marks" being a tiny hairline hit on Lincoln's cheek, and a couple of faint luster grazes in the right obverse field. The reverse is MS-66, and with a fully intact, original patina, the coin appears to have never been dipped. If I knew how to play the crackout game, I'd start here.


net price: $250


1915-D Buffalo nickel, MS-63

Terrible strike, but then again, the 1915-D is widely regarded as the worst struck coin in the entire series. Honestly, the strike is so flat that I thought this coin was struck through grease at first! The obverse looks only MS-60, whereas the reverse looks MS-62, but technically, the ANACS grade is correct. Fortunately, the luster is all there, and there are basically no mentionable marks. It obviously is an UNC coin, just struck like a pancake. Much more difficult (and more expensive) in higher grades.


net price: $280


1928-S Buffalo nickel, MS-63

Conservatively grade, as this coin looks MUCH nicer than MS-63 to me. The surfaces have a sweet, chrome-like quality that must be totally original, as hints of toning, especially on the right side of the obverse, are visible. The strike is above average for this issue. Honestly, I think this coin may be undergraded. The only possible reasons I can see to explain the grade limitations are a tiny carbon spot on the Indian's temple, and maybe a weakness of luster. There's a BIG jump in value to the next grade for this coin.


net price: $550


1930 Buffalo nickel, MS-65

Gorgeous coin, with wonderful pearlescent luster. The grade is spot-on for this coin, as the strike is only average, and there is the expected number of insignificant tiny bagmarks showing on the Indian's braid, and the Buffalo's shoulder. Nonetheless, a thoroughly beautiful coin, and 100% original, as the patina has developed a very faint horizontal woodgrain effect that would not be there if this coin were messed with.


net price: $200


Thanks for looking!



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