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The ebay advice thread

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Gunsmoke - I have sent the seller a message, asking about the ID#, which makes no sense, and the fact he states "there is no doubt of why this coin is priced at $6500.00--$8500.00, by numerous rating organizations.". Maybe for an MS67 but not an MS66 - an MS66 is worth no where near that. I will let you know if I receive a reply.


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I noticed he has another listing with a 1908 $20 MS64 , and mentions a greysheet bid brice of $2500 plus. But, no where in his listing, does he say it is a "With Motto", rather than a "No Motto". And, of course there are no images. This seller is either a baffoon or a crook, IMO.

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Gunsmoke, here is the reply I received :


" This of all here is my figuiration:

MS-62- about 440.00

MS-63 about 490.00

MS64 about600.00

MS65 about 1000.0 to 1500.00

MS66 about 2500.00 up to 6,000

MS67- cant find one are my figures wrong, and second og all if I must go to my vault and recheck my number I would , but there is no reason, because my credit credtenials are 100%

Let me ask you a question, at least 90% of the advertisement say that there coin is 2500 to 15,000, and that might be in the red book from a MS 64 and up, to you question everyone, because this is the first time that someone is asking, if you dont like my reasoning no one is telling you that you must, but It is my pleasure to answer your question, please tell me if I am wrong and where "



I think maybe he is a baffoon AND a crook. I pointed out to him that he had said

"there is no doubt of why this coin is priced at $6500.00--$8500.00, by numerous rating organizations" But in his response, it appears that those figures were his "figuiration", which I told him was not even a word. I also told him he had lied. etc.

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Thanks, Mark. This whole thing seemed Bogus! tongue.gif This guy is a dipstick! I sent him a message on his 1908 Whatever! We will wait and see what he says.

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