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certifying 1954 proof set

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I contacted my local dealer regarding certifying my 1954 original proof set, still in the original packaging. His opinion was why bother, it's not a rare set with a high dollar valus unless there was a couple MS67s in there. He didn't refuse to do it but advised against it. I figured I could join for almost the same money and submit myself but am worried after reading all the returned in body bags posts. To my eye under 10X they look pretty good but I have not removed them from the plastic bags that are still stapled together. They are all full luster, the cent is nice too. I guess nice enough for someone to say they have been dipped but the packaging is still sealed. Should I submit them as they are? I am not so much wanting them graded as I want them in the multi holder since I am a proof set collector and it's always a problem with the old sets.

While I am on the subject, I wish someone would sell a proof set holder similar to the current US Mint holders. I think your multi holder is the nicest set holder available today. You should consider selling a version different enough so not to be confused with your certified slab but close to the US Mint variety.

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If the coins are as original as you have said, there should be no problem with any potential for receiving a no grade. Every grader at NGC is familiar with the surfaces and look of original, untampered proof coins from this era so I don't anticipate a problem with the dipped look you are questioning. Of course the usual caveat that without the coins in hand applies.


If you are only interested in having the coins graded and holdered in the multi-holder, you may send them in as is and be sure to write in clear print to holder these in a multi-holder.



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