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conservation of a Bronze Wilson Dollar

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I have a very nice Bronze 1920 Wilson Dollar the I believe is a mid MS60's.

Unfortunately someone in the past stored it in PVC flip, and there are dark spots on the high points (just as you would see on a bright 1 cent coin stored in PVC).

What could I expect from NCS conservation of this coin? Will the dark spots be eliminated? Will a grading service now call it "cleaned" whereas it wouldn't have prior to NCS treatment?

Photos accessible by clicking obverse or reverse .

Higher resolution photos can be made available if you need them.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

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The spots that appear on your so-called dollar are usually the first evidence of a PVC problem on a bronze or copper coin. It is important to first, remove the coin from the PVC holder and place it in a more inert PVC-free holder which I am sure you have done.


Should we at NCS professionally conserved this coin, we would be able to remove any remaining PVC residue from the surface of the medal. The darker areas on the high points may not be eliminated with conservation, but may be lightened and would certainly make the piece more stable for long-term stability.


NCS does not perform any techniques that would cause a coin to be termed "improperly cleaned."


Chris, NCS

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I did not ask if NCS conservation could result in an "improperly cleaned" status.

I asked if NCS conservation would result in the coin being identified as being cleaned AT ALL! I.e. are your cleaning methods completely transparent to grading, and specifically to grading services?

Thanks again,


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