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Lots of beautiful coins for sale...Not on Ebay! Make an Offer!

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Here is a listing of some coins we have that are not on Ebay. Each is described in detail, and we can send detailed scans to you if you provide an email address. We have a no-questions-asked, 5 business day return policy, so you can buy with confidence! Please feel free to MAKE AN OFFER on any of these coins. Sometimes we can make a deal.


1982-P VF20 Jefferson Nickel, Misaligned Obverse Die (5-10%)!

The obverse die was misaligned on this piece, leaving the obverse off center by between 5 & 10%! Well defined details are not very noticeable worn and there is a great deal of luster, but a lot of tiny marks are visible and the reverse has a good bit of crud around the devices. These factors account for the grade. A very interesting piece! $12


1952-D NGC MS67FT Roosevelt Dime ~ Gorgeous Color & Scarce! cool.gif

Beautiful toning in colors of bright apricot and dusty rose completely covers each side of this outstanding example. Very clean, no question MS67 surfaces are smooth and satiny. Sharply struck and earning the very strict full torch designation. A rare coin in this lofty state of preservation and one could not ask for a more appealing example! Sure to please! $180


1956 NGC MS67 ROOSEVELT DIME ~ High-end!

Dazzling, very finely textured white mint frost covers each nearly immaculate side. A touch or roll toning on the reverse. This coin is unusually clean for the grade. If not for a tiny reverse disturbances, it would be a solid 68! Crisp strike that just misses showing full bands. A very nice coin. $34


1970 NGC MS63PL Roosevelt Dime ~ Unique!!! cool.gif

This beautiful, bright coin is evenly toned golden yellow over each side, and the surfaces look like glass! Close to the FT designation, but a touch of softness to the right side of the bottom bands prevents it. A few faint wisps over the obverse are all that prevent a much higher grade. Has the initial look of a nice 66! Very rare. This is the only 1970 Roosevelt Dime ever to be graded as Prooflike! $100


1981-P PCGS MS67FB Roosevelt Dime ~ Gorgeous Luster!

Exquisite reflective luster booms from super-clean surfaces. It is at least semi-prooflike, in fact, and looks like glass! A lovely golden tint adds dimension to the eye appeal. Razor sharp strike with every detail crisp and clear. A stunning coin to behold! Great registry piece. Just 2 graded finer by either service! $95


2004-D NGC MS68 Michigan Quarter ~ Ultra Smooth! Solid 68! White!

We have handled a number of MS68 Quarters, but few have had the eye appeal and ultra-clean choice surfaces of this piece! Exceptionally clean and smooth with bright white luster and outstanding eye appeal! Seemingly flawless! $29


2003-D NGC MS68 Arkansas Quarter ~ Blast white! Prooflike Obverse.

Exquisite quality! Monster blast white surfaces with a fully prooflike obverse and the radiance of the sun! Clean surfaces and no toning. A very desirable, scarce issue that will make a great registry coin! $40


1952-S PCGS MS63FBL Franklin Half Dollar ~ Blast White! Scarce!

This piece is blast white with lots of glowing frost throughout and fantastic eye appeal. The strike is absolutely razor sharp, which is unusual for the date! Strong for the grade…it actually came out of an NGC MS64 holder and went to MS63FBL at PCGS! A very nice example of this scarce issue! $135


1954 NGC MS65 Franklin half dollar ~ Gorgeous Luster!

Exquisite, booming luster jumps out from exceptionally clean surfaces for the grade. A top quality, high-end MS65! Sharply struck and bordering on FBL! Lovely original toning in iridescent gold, russet, and soft dusty-rose hues adds outstanding eye appeal. Very choice for the grade and issue! So close to a 66! Put it next to a 66 try to find the difference! $79


1951 PCGS MS66 Franklin half dollar ~ Just misses FBL! Beautiful Colors!

Beautiful bright golden-yellow toning is illuminated by strong luster that sparkles over the clean surfaces. The obverse is nearly flawless. This coin is sharply struck. The bell lines are so close to full that they show full detail under light magnification! A beautiful high-quality mint set piece! $325


1953 NGC MS64 Franklin half dollar ~ Nice color & High-end!

This choice original coin has the look of a solid MS65, but on the reverse there is an ancient scratch hidden under the original mint set toning, running down the right side of the bell. There is a chance this may actually be a mint made defect, but at any rate, it’s what holds the coin from a solid gem grade, because, otherwise, it is absolutely smooth with beautiful luster and great color to boot! $30


1946 NGC MS64 Walking Liberty half dollar ~ Beautiful Gem Luster! PQ

This piece is gorgeous! Bright iridescent white luster covers each side, and the strike is sharp. It has the look of a gem, and it is very close, just a single tick above Liberty’s hand keeps the coin right between grades. The reverse is MS66! A very choice 64 that is sure to please! Goes up considerable to over $200 in MS65! $70


1954-D NGC MS64FBL Franklin half dollar ~ Gorgeous & PQ!

Two out of four times, this coin would probably grade MS65FBL at NGC, but we got the conservative 64FBL on it. A few small marks are drowned out by absolutely fantastic, bright golden toning and luster! This coin is mostly smooth and has all the appeal and pizzazz of a nice gem grade coin, despite a few tiny marks. Fantastic strike with bell lines like razor blades! A very nice, PQ coin! $35


1953-S PCGS MS65 Franklin ~ 99 % FBL, RARE & PEDIGREED! cool.gif

Gorgeous, soft golden toning graces each smooth, delicately frosted side of this no-question, high-end gem. The only thing more appealing than the open expanses of clean luster is the strike! Tantalizing definition is visible on the bell lines with just light magnification, and this is the nearest 1953-S to FBL we have offered. When viewed in person with magnification, the separation is visible right up to the crack, with just a few absolutely tiny breaks (caused by both strike weakness and microscopic marks). This coin will never make FBL, in our opinion, but it does represent a level of striking definition that is, far and away, better than 99.99% of other 1953-S Franklins, so this is an exceptional coin. An MS65FBL runs at about $19,000. Pedigreed on the PCGS insert to the Omaha Bank Hoard. $300


1952-S NGC MS66 FRANKLIN 50C ~ Delightful Color! Scarce!

Gorgeous mint set color adorns this clean, solid MS66 example. The obverse is bright neon yellow and orange at the rims, and this gives way to a light ring of sky blue, and then the center is dusty lilac. The reverse is toned in beautiful iridescent shades of orange and russet. Ultra-smooth surfaces are without any notable flaws. Superb quality! $175



Few examples of this issue have survived in MS66 condition, and as far as MS66’s go, this is a high-end example! Absolutely exquisite blast white surfaces are nearly flawless, and the luster is bright, satiny, and white. Not a single mark stands out, and the fields are essential pristine; two qualities almost never encountered on a white coin! A very choice example that is sure to please the quality conscious collector! $520


1951-S NGC MS65 Franklin Half Dollar, AWESOME COLOR! cool.gif

Fantastic original toning graces each side! Bright orange, burgundy, gold, dusty rose and lilac mix on the obverse, while the reverse has potent burgundy and orange around the periphery and beautiful orange and dusty lilac in the centers. Exquisite, smooth luster extra smooth on this higher-end coin. Absolutely wonderful color and eye appeal! WOW! $190


1882-O NGC MS64 MORGAN ~ EXQUISITE ~ PQ! cool.gif

This piece is so close to MS65 that it is just tantalizing to look at! Intense, rich frost covers the devices, while the fields seem to be silkier in texture. Bright booming luster! This wonderful coin has the look of an MS65. What is holding it back is a faint hairline in the left obverse field, which is tiny and only visible at a certain angle. A wonderful coin for the grade! This awesome beauty will fit nicely into any MS65 collection, but for less than half the price! $190


1880-S NGC MS65 * STAR Morgan 1$ ~ DMPL Obverse! Original!

This totally original, softly toned Dollar is a monster! Amazing, truly DMPL luster glows from the obverse. NGC awarded this coin the Star designation because of its DMPL obverse. The reverse is semi-PL, but not enough to make PL, so the coin didn’t qualify for a PL or DPL designation. The surfaces have no singularly mentionable flaws, and the coin is likely clean enough to be a 66, were it a white coin. However, this piece is beautifully and originally toned in rich golden hues with luster glowing through, and it would be a shame were someone to mess with it. Sure to please the connoisseur of originality! $250



This delightful piece is 100% toned in exquisite bright golden orange and rose with hints of electric blue at the peripheries. Peace dollars with color are RARE! The obverse is MS65 on this PQ piece, while the reverse has a few light, hidden marks that held the coin at MS64. Right on the edge of MS65 though! Gorgeous bright frost glows right through the iridescent color! Superb in every respect! $119


2001-P PCGS MS68 Sacagawea Dollar, No Spots! Untoned!

This beauty is free of spotting and toning, which is unusual for the series in general! Rich, fine, satiny luster covers each side, and the surfaces are actually bordering on perfection. I have been hanging on to it for that reason but now it’s time to let it go! It will be missed, but it is sure to please the new owner! $38


Thank you for looking!

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