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A suggestion on early proofs

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I was considering purchasing a proof 1855 arrows half until I looked on the type Registry and saw it wasn't set up. So I passed, even tho I liked the coin very much.


Somehow, that seems wrong. The Registry should provide an incentive to purchase coins, not a disincentive. At the same time, I recognize that it's a lot of work to put up all those scores - many of which may never be utilized. But I have a solution:


Allow proofs in all categories. Do a quicky initial setup with 1 point entered in all grades, all types. This allows the collector to put the coin up. Then, as coins are put up, focus on those specific types to figure out what the values should be. This will limit the time and energy spent by NGC to the specific coin types that require the work. This will make everyone happy with the least amount of cost!!!!!!! laugh.gif

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I knew I was gonna get flack on that one! wink.gif


No - I was on the fence on rather to spend the money or not. Lack of Registry inclusion just tipped the scale toward no.


So far my lobbying has not worked (I think because of the work involved - not a philosophical problem). That's why I came up with this idea. The points mean less to me than the ability to show the coin - If I can post the coin right away, I have no problem if the points come later.

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