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A question about cleaned coins...

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Maybe you can help allay my disappointment. Just had two circulated Morgans returned "no grade" for cleaning. Naturally I'm disappointed, and if I am to believe the dealer who sold them to me (an NGC dealer who also sent them in for me), he was very surprised as well.


My question...do you see a high percentage of circ coins sent in getting no grade for cleaning ? I imagine that not many circs are sent in except for key date stuff...but I'm also thinking a lot of collector date stuff out there these days had been cleaned in some fashion over the years.



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Circulated morgans are frequently encountered cleaned. It can be more difficult to detect the cleaning on circulated coins because the wear may conceal it to a point. Very minor cleaning can be overlooked but improper/harsh cleaning, though perhaps only visible at certain angles, would typically be returned ungraded. I suspect this may be the case on your coins. We realize a circ coin isn't expected to be perfect but are also sensitive to what a buyer might expect in a professionally graded (NGC) coin. Problem free, uncleaned, circ coins do exist and you will find them if you are patient and learn what to avoid.



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