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what in your opinion is the most undervalued series in proof/ms?

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I agree with many of the poster's that the Barber series are a real sleeper, particularly the half dollars. I have a MS64, 1910 Barber that has 7 coins higher with a total population in the fourties. Compare the price of this coin to other series that have 4-5 times the examples in grade. I also collect silver Trimes which I happen to think are one of the most spectacularly toned and most undervalued series of that period. Even Type II coins are relatively low priced, considering their scarcity.


For instance, the 1924-S Peace Dollar costs approximately the same as the 1910 Barber with over 50 examples in grades over MS64. The Barber Halves are not particularly popular, because of the design. However, in terms of scarcity, the are very undervalued. This has somewhat been the case for the past 20 years, with higher grade Barber's much lower in price, in higher mint states than they were 20 years ago. You can buy a scarce date MS64 coin now for what a MS63 common date cost ten years ago.


Whether this pricing situation will ever change, remians to be seen. My vote is that it will as inflation drives higher prices.



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