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On the verge of my first NCS submission...a big one...at least for me...

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I'm getting everything aligned to make my first submission to NCS and then to NGC (first ever to NGC also!). I wish to submit three proof sets with the ultimate goal that they are conserved (but don't "look" conserved) and go into NGC multiholders.


The sets I plan on submitting are the 1942 (6-piece), 1950, and 1951 proof sets. All are in Capital Plastic holders and the coins are largely nice on their own and I don't believe need a lot of heavy conservation. However, I talked about these coins to multiple experts and showed these coins (toone coin expert; a grader at a different service) who said that I will probably greatly benefit from sending in all the coins and let NCS figure out how and which coins need and can be conserved.


The coins range from having a tone spot, maybe a minor carbon spot (looks more like a tone spot and perhaps is), to some light haze. I'm guessing that I basically let NCS figure out what to do; send in everything; and, go on autopilot from there.


I'm just now joining the ANA so I can get my ANA Number, plus I've already called NCS to request the NCS submission materials. I plan on leaving the coins in their holders (but if possible, I'd like to get the holders back if they can be sent back at no charge).


Is there anything that I noted above that seems incorrect or any oversight I made before I make such a submission?


Also, how the heck to I come up with a reasonable declaration of value, especially when I have such a tough time figuring out what these might really grade at? I really don't want to overpay the post office for mailing them, but I do need adequate protection. Plus, I assume that sending this stuff Insured, Registered is the only way to go, right?


What's the proper tier of NGC service I should pick? Can I get a break for such a "large" (at least large by my standards) submission? I really don't want to wait around for months to get the coins back if at all possible, but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for super express service either.


Thanks for you help,


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It sounds as though you are on the right track for your first submission. Seeking advice from trusted individuals such as the dealers you spoke with is a good idea. Dealers who have dealt with NCS can often give insight as to what your coin may look like after conservation and whether conservation is the best option for your piece.


We prefer to have coins that are not certified by a major grading service to be submitted to NCS in non-PVC or hard flips. This will be especially important if you wish to have your Capital holders returned to you. Carefully remove the coins from the current holder and place them into flips for shipping.


Your submission does not qualify for any quantity discount.


When we transfer coins to NGC after the conservation, we regularly divide up your coins into the most economical tier for you based on the individual coin's value. Please note in the margins of the NCS form that you would like to have these coins placed in NGC multicoin holders after the conservation.


When determining a declared value, use a reasonable figure akin to what you would expect to pay if you had to replace the coin. This is the value that will be used to determine both your conservation fees and the insurance to send the piece or pieces back to you. When it comes to sets such as yours, it is acceptable to determine a value for the set as a whole and not each coin individually as we would expect with non-set coins.


Feel free to contact NCS customer service with any further questions you may have at 866-627-2646 or ncshelp@ncscoin.com


Chris, NCS

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