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a few questions

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First if I choose to have my couns sent back by Priority mail they are insured correct?


Second I have a toned silver washington quarter. The problem is it has a fingerprint on it. I will attach a crummy pic in a second. I know you can't make a true assessment without actually seeing it but I do have a few things I wonder about. First if the print can be removed will it affect the toning that doesn't have the finger print? Second if removing it is possible would it look natural? The coin has a nice original look to it and I just wonder wether the processes used will make the areas where the print is unatural.


Now here is the crummy pic of the coin.



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It is tough to evaluate a coin accurately without actually holding it. I can say that we have had success in removing fingerprints from coins and success in removing those prints while leaving the coin's toning behind. The level of our success in this is dependent on the length of time the print residue has been on the surface of the coin and the severity of this residue. When we evaluate a coin such as yours we will try to determine how much the print has become a part of the coin as to how successful we may be in removing it.


Chris, NCS

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