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Hi, I do almost all of my coin-related work in US coins, and my friend recently gave me an interesting ancient coin to authenticate, identify, and value. I have no idea how to do any of the aforementioned things for this coin. Here is what I have found out:


It appears to be made of silver.

It has a diameter of about a silver dollar, but weights about 1/3 due to its thinness.

It is either a Justin I, Justinian I, Justin II, or Justinian II type coin.

Thee back has and "M", says "anno" on the left on the back, and is from a mint that starts with "nik".


Please tell me what type of coins this is, what its value is, and how would I authenticate it? Thanks.


You can see the pictures here:




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I am by no means an expert on these pieces but I will tell you what I can. The "NIK" stands for the Nicomedia mint, this mint also used the symbols "NI", "NIC" and "NIKOM". The "XII" is for year twelve (AD 538/539), this style was made from AD 527-565. This is an AE Follis (40 nummia). The "A" above the reverse exergual line depicts the officina and the "A" correlates with "1" or the first. The obverse motto appears to read




and can likely be translated to


"Our Lord, Justinian, forever, Augustus"


I truly have no idea as to the value of the coin but would guess that the value has been lowered since it looks like the coin were worn as part of a necklace. You might want to look up the excellent reference information written by Wayne Sayles for more details on this piece. He wrote a six volume set titled Ancient Coin Collecting. Good luck.

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Found this on the web - may be close - value? No clue.


"Byzantine. Justinian I. A.D. 527-565. AE Follis. 18.757 grams. Antioch 547/8. Obv. OINVSTINI ANVSPPAVI. His bust facing, in helmet with plume and diadem with trefoil ornament in front, and cuirass; in r. hand, globe-cross; on l. shoulder, shield with horseman device; in field r., cross."


Here is the link:


The klink - no - the link

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