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Question: You own one coin with TWO NGC inserts. Now what?

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Say you have an NGC MS65 blast white Trade dollar you swear is MS66 all day long.

You crack it out and resubmit. It comes back MS64.


Now, do you keep the "MS65" insert in the Registry or drop that coin and replace it with the fresh MS64 insert?


Your answer to this dilemna will help me with the related thread on this issue.

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Well, we all know that coin grading companies have good days and bad days and that standards change all the time. Just because the coin received a 64 grade once does not mean it's not a 65 (or a 66 for that matter - tho this tends to happen elsewhere more often).


But I think the conclusive answer to your question is the fact that both major coin grading companies will put the coin back in the original holder for you if you still have the tag and have not damaged the coin.


Therefore, if you honestly believe you have not damaged the coin, IMO you can still list the original grade.

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Good answer, but allow me to then add one more twist: Say you missed something on this coin, like a slight rim ding, and the coin REALLY is an MS64.

Now what?

Like I asked across the street, certainly if a coin Upgrades the new grade (same coin!) replaces the "old" (lower) grade.


Why not in reverse?

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If it really is an MS64, then why was it in the 65 holder? wink.gif


Each collector is going to have a diffferent answer for that one. Just like the booger coin - the different grades come from the different interpretation of how much to take off for the problem.


Again, since it's impossible to enforce, it's up to the integrity of the individual collector. The coin was graded two different grades. If he takes the coin back to the grading company with the original insert he can more likely than not get it back in the original holder. Therefore he should do what he thinks is right. That is all we can ask.

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I have a few coins that once were in NGC holders at a higher grade. I cracked them out hoping for upgrades (at PCGS). That they're now in an NGC holder at a lower grade doesn't surprise me; grading does have its variability.


I took my chances, and I'm willing to take my lumps. They are still nice coins. I returned the inserts (yes, NGC did know in advance that these coins used to be in NGC holders at a higher grade). Currently, they are entered in the system under their current, lower, grades.


I have absolute confidence in my coins that they will reclaim their original grades.


(BTW, the reasons why I did the crackout thing with PCGS and NGC in such an awkward way is not relevent to the question at hand...)


Linda's Daddy


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TDN- All grading services overgrade, on that super rare (!) occassion. We've both owned those coins, I'm sure!


Let's put it another way.

Say I own a 1972-S Ike in MS68*. Lovely coin! I send it to PCGS at the "cross-at-any-grade" and it comes back MS67.


Do I keep it as an "NGC" coin in the NGC Registry or place it as a "PCGS" coin (which it would be now) in the NGC Registry?

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