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Hey everyone---


Teletrade has 17 of my FS Jeffersons (all PCGS) in their 2059 auction. The lot#s are: 1146, 1154, 1156, 1163, 1168, 1170, 1172, 1173, 1174, 1176, 1177, 1179, 1181, 1183, 1191, 1194 and 1229. Great dates/grades!


They also have 17 of my NGC FS Jeffs but aren't listed yet. Will add the info when I find out. These 34 Jeffs are almost the last of my collection. Have very little left except some rolls and coin albums (with coins) to go.


Here is the link: http://www.teletrade.com/coins/cat.asp?a...size=300#detail


Thanks for looking and really appreciate everyones PMs (for my health) and bids (for my coins)! 893applaud-thumb.gifthumbsup2.gif

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Best of luck with those excellent coins, David! thumbsup2.gif893crossfingers-thumb.gif Recently, I didn't do too badly with a lot sent to Teletrade. Hope everything else goes well for you and that your collection gets you a little closer to what you need! 893crossfingers-thumb.gif893crossfingers-thumb.gif



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Thank you Hoot for the kind words and support. Much appreciated!


I received a email from TT with when the 17 NGC coins would go up. They put them up for their auction on the 4th of July!!! I'm calling them Monday to request they move them to Wednesday the 6th. To have an auction on ANY holiday is crazy and to think that this will not affect the normal amount of bidding action is worse. They really should be more aware of the problems doing this! screwy.gifforeheadslap.giftonofbricks.giffrustrated.gifChristo_pull_hair.gif


Anyway, I'll have to wait til I talk to them Monday.

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Dave or Hoot, do you have a PCGS 1950 D FS in 65 or better. Will be interested if available. PM if that's the case. Thanks.

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Here is the "action" for 17 NGC FS Jeffs TT has for auction. And although TT has in their sellers info the fact that they reserve the right to place consignments in any auction they deem appropriate, I called and requested a switch to either the auction before or after the 4th. My initial fear was somewhat quelled by a rep I work with there returning my call saying holiday auctions do as well as or better then any other day of the year. I sighed and allowed them to stay in this auction. (Still concerned tho). Who's going to not be out with friends/family that day/evening with parties and goings-on and instead, be in front of their computer when the auction closes at 7 P.M. PST? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif Wait and see I guess...


Coins in Teletrade Auction #2061

Monday, July 4, 2005


Our # Cert # Lot Denom Date Detail

________ ___________ ____ _____ ______ ________ _______________________________


E40026 N2502523-00 1204 5c 1939 5 Steps Rev of 1940 NGC 67

E40029 N546880-004 1206 5c 1941D 5 Steps NGC 67

E40027 N1798770-00 1209 5c 1942P Silver, 5 Steps NGC 67

E40028 N1797039-00 1210 5c 1942S 6 Steps NGC 66

E40030 N1831896-00 1211 5c 1943D 6 Steps NGC 67

E40031 N1860617-00 1212 5c 1943S 5 Steps NGC 67

E40032 N2127130-00 1213 5c 1944D 5 Steps NGC 67

E40033 N1837578-00 1214 5c 1944D 5 Steps NGC 67

E40034 N2079868-00 1220 5c 1947S 5 Steps NGC 66

E40035 N2502030-00 1221 5c 1948S 5 Steps NGC 66

E40042 N1621159-01 1226 5c 1952S 5 Steps NGC 66

E40036 N2079868-00 1234 5c 1962 5 Steps NGC 66

E40037 N2127131-00 1238 5c 1963 5 Steps NGC 65

E40040 N2127132-00 1256 5c 1976 5 Steps NGC 66

E40038 N1830249-00 1261 5c 1980D 5 Steps NGC 66

E40039 N2127132-01 1275 5c 1990D 5 Steps NGC 65

E40041 N2127133-00 1283 5c 1993P 6 Steps NGC 67

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