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I have a 1909S penny. What is its value?
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On 2/26/2024 at 2:19 AM, Mimi1947 said:


If I were to speculate your 1909 S Lincoln Cent is worth maybe $10.00 at most thus it's not worth incurring the grading fees. You should only submit raw coins that have a value of $400.00+ for grading as the coin's value would be more than enough to cover all the grading fees plus you'll make a nice profit when you decide to sell your coin. For future reference please post this type of question in the "Newbie coin collecting" part of the forum as this part of the forum is to either purchase, sell or trade coins only.

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Welcome to the Forum 

Agree with the above.   
In the future, please show both sides of the coin for assesment, how do we know that.  
the other side is not damaged. Also crop your photos, we don’t need all that background    
and this would increase the size of your photo.

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    Welcome to the NGC chat board.

    As indicated by the initial reply, your topic would receive better attention if posted on the "Newbie Coin Collecting Questions" forum, as the Coin Marketplace forum is devoted to topics offering to buy or sell coins in accordance with the posted guidelines. I suggest that you repost it there and that you include cropped photos of both sides of the coin.  By "cropped", I mean photos that show entirely or primarily the coin and as little as possible of the surface on which it sits.

   From the present single, small photo, I cannot tell whether the coin is genuine or whether it is one of the many fakes created by adding an "S" to a 1909 cent struck in Philadelphia. I also cannot tell whether if genuine it is a 1909-S (worth $75-$100 retail if the reverse is in the same condition as the obverse) or a 1909-S V.D.B. with small "V.D.B" initials at the bottom of the reverse, which would be worth substantially more.


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