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A LONG list of some coins from inventory that I'll offer for sale here

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Everything here is slabbed. I'll give this a go, as far as listing this much inventory here, and if there are any objections, I won't list this many examples here. Giving this a try. Pictures available via email, and I'll probably post a few in the thread. Shipping costs will depend on actual value of item(s). Paypal is available (please add 3%) and always a 5 day no question return priv.


In the best order I could come up with:


1808 1c ANACS vf/30 A well detailed classic head example. Tough to find these. $560


1833 1c NGC ms/64 bn Great luster and plenty of mint red peeking though the surfaces. One small blemish between stars 9 and 10. The reverse is rotated approx. 20% and shows some attractive bluish toning as well as a prominent die crack encircling the motto. Gem quality. $1,000


1850 1c NGC ms/65 bn Fully lustrous and gorgeous brown Large Cent with some medium blue tones present. Fantastic eye appeal. $680


1873 1c PCGS ms/64 RB Open 3 Lustrous and appealing red/brown example. $400


1876 1c NGC au/50 bn Fully detailed and if there was a bit more luster, this would grade choice. Tougher date. $210


1877 1c NGC G/4 Key date, properly graded. $600


1899 1c PCGS ms/65 rd A fantastic looking gem with full, frosty luster and well struck surfaces. $480


1908 1c PCGS ms/64 rd An outstanding coin that just exudes quality. Shouldn't last. $225


1909-s 1c NGC vf/30 Perfect grade for a circulated type set missing this key. $475


1926-d 1c NGC ms/65 bn Pretty blue and violet toned gem. Very tough date. $600


1864 2c PCGS ms/64 RB Fully lustrous with a slight woodgrain effect and pretty, light magenta highlights. $240


1865 2c NGC ms/65 bn Lustrous and a borderline red/brown coin. Great for type. $180


1884 3cn PCGS pf/66 CAM Beautiful looking example with a strong cameo, deep mirrors and near flawless surfaces. $800


1885 5c NGC ag/3 Key date filler. $325


1903 5c NGC ms/64 Strong luster and strike. A gem coin with one light nick on the neck. Pretty and white. $215


1911 5c NGC ms/64 Ditto above, except the luster here isn't quite what it is as above, but VERY clean surfaces for the grade. $205


Lots of Buffalo Nickels


1913 T1 5c NGC ms/65 A solid gem that is well struck and fully lustrous. $130


1913-s T1 5c PCGS ms/66 A fantastic looking coin. Ice blue and lavender hues cover the obverse and the reverse shows that same coloration at the rim area, with a gold/rose tone at the centers. FULLY struck with incredible luster. Fantastic! $1900


1913-d T2 5c ANACS vf/35 Full horn and well detailed. Looks xf to me. $150


1913-s T2 5c ANACS G/4 Tough date with a strong vg detailed reverse. $235


1914 5c NGC ms/64 Shimmering luster with above average eye appeal. $130


1917-d 5c NGC ms/64 A fully struck example of this tough date showing good luster under a pretty blend of blue/violet and gold/orange colors on the obverse. The reverse shows the same colors. Very nice eye appeal. $1125


1923 5c NGC ms/64 Great luster and nicely struck. Some light adobe/auburn tones here and there. $160


1929 5c PCGS ms/65 A FULLY lustrous gem that is well struck and all of ms/65. Excellent eye appeal. $360


1929-s 5c NGC ms/64 A sharp looking example with a slight golden hue to the surfaces. $160


1930 5c NGC ms/64 Great luster (I bought this one because of the rolling luster in the fields) and an average strike. Pretty. $80


1934 5c NGC ms/65 Another lustrous gem with soft aquamarine, rose and gold hues. $360


1935 5c PCGS ms/64 Fully struck and lustrous ice blue/violet toned coin. Could easily pass as ms/65 raw. $55


1935-s 5c NGC ms/65 Fully lustrous and well struck gem. Impressive for the date. $175


1935-s 5c PCGS ms/65 Great luster, but not as sharply struck as the coin above. $165


1892 10c PCGS ms/64 A gorgeous, deeply toned example showing violet, blue, magenta and orange colors. Something you'd normally find on a Morgan. $310


1911 10c PCGS ms/63 This is an ms/64 coin, trapped in a pcgs holder. White, lustrous and impressive. Trust me $190


1938 10c NGC pf/65 Blazing white, fully reflective mirrors. Very nice for the grade. $330


1890 10c PCGS ms/63 Attractively toned example showing a nice blend of green, auburn and blue tones. $300 (it's original, and pretty)


1861 25c NGC ms/62 A beautiful coin at this grade level showing blue, green and auburn rim toning. A classic album toned coin. $415


1876 25c PCGS ms/63 (old rattler) Lustrous and white with hints of rim color. Seemingly prooflike fields. A great look to this one. $515


1934 50c NGC ms/66 This is a monster toned Walker. I'll keep it subtle to see who's actually reading each and every description here. $750


1947-d 50c PCGS ms/66 An exquisite coin with classic album rainbow toning at the rims and soft rose/violet hues centrally. Impressive. $585


1835 50c NGC ms/61 A lustrous and lightly toned example showing an attractive blend of blue, auburn and gray color. $700


1891cc Morgan ANACS ms/63 (older anacs holder) Great looking, lustrous example with brighter blue and auburn color at the rims. $775


1892-o Morgan NGC ms/64 A beautiful white example with outstanding luster. A bit weakly struck, but still very impressive. $640


1897-s Morgan NGC ms/65 Bold luster with deeper blue and auburn colors at the rev. rim area and hints of auburn at the obv. rim. Tougher date to find than most realize. $580


1903-s Morgan ANACS xf/40 Properly graded and very tough to find at this level. $300


COMMEM'S, lots of 'em


Cleveland PCGS ms/63 (old rattler) Great looking ms/64 example. White and lustrous. $130


1936-d San Diego PCGS ms/63 (old rattler) Lustrous and pretty mostly pearlescent white coin with hints of aquamarine color at the obv. rim. $135


Sesqui PCGS ms/63 Looks ms/64 and has some pretty cobalt blue and violet tone at the obv. rim. $175


Robinson NGC ms/64 Lustrous, white, impressive for the grade. $150


1952 WC NGC ms/64 Great luster with an interesting copper and green colored toning, obv. and rev. Cool. $75


1935 Boone NGC ms/65 Interesting violet and blue spattered toning. Great luster. $185


Missouri PCGS ms/64 Beautiful mint set toned example with firey orange and green color at the rims and a soft violet/gray hue to the centers. As nice as could be expected at this grade level. $1600


Huguenot PCGS ms/64 A lustrous and eye appealing white example. $235


1935-d Arkansas NGC ms/66 Soft gold, rose and green tones over impeccable surfaces. $485


Norfolk PCGS ms/67 (old rattler) A pristine gem showing classic tab toning with red, orange and green colors. The "tab" is prominent on the reverse. $630


Rhode Island PCGS ms/66(grn label) Superb gem+ with pretty deep magenta and orange colors. $500


Elgin PCGS ms/67(grn label) A fully lustrous and attactively, lightly toned example. $1100


Bridgeport NGC ms/66 A fantastic quality, originally toned example that is mostly white with light gold and auburn hues. $430


1893 Columbian PCGS ms/65 A beautifully toned example showing deeper and vibrant blue color against other rose, green and magenta colors. Very pretty. $700


Bridgeport PCGS ms/65 (grn label) Fantastic looking, mostly white coin with some champagne hues. $230



That's all I can type. I'm going to probaly toss some of this stuff up on Ebay in the next day or two, but not most of it.


Again, I'll try listing this many coins here and if it's not received well, I'll reduce the number of coins.


PM or post below with any questions/comments.


Thank you!

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Darin-I have absolutely no objections to you posting as many coins up for sale here as you want.You're an asset to these boards,and I would always highly recomend you.I don't see why you shouldn't post all your inventory on these boards.

Best regards,


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I'd be interested in images for:


1808 cent A-30


1861 quarter N-62


1903s morgan A-40


... and I have no problems at all with the extent of what you're listing here. In fact, I would love to see more folks listing more coins.



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Thanks Hoot!


I can't edit the list to show what's sold/not sold etc. Also, I placed a bunch of those coins on Ebay and those coins can be seen by clicking the Ebay Stuff link in my sig. line.


PM's responded to. smile.gif

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