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WTB: Coins with Penguins on the
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Wanted: specific penguin coins to round out a collection

If they are not on this list, 99% chance I already have it, but thank you for looking!

2001 South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands
Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton with the Endurance Twenty Pounds, gold only, Pobjoy Mint, 22mm, 6.22grams, KM8


1988 Gibraltar, Year of the Ocean. Seals and penguins 1/5 Crowns, gold only, Pobjoy Mint,22mm, 6.22grams, km742


1995 Gibraltar Christmas Penguin Parade a/k/a Penguins Parading 50 Pence, gold or platinum km336b km336c


2012 British Antarctic Territory (BAT), Centenary of Terra Nova Expedition, Pobjoy Mint, 11mm Gold only, 0.5g, 2£ KM#6b


“1936” Edward VIII fantasy coins silver or gold X#2, X#4, X#4a, X#5, X#6a


Richard Byrd, medal, National Commemorative Society Series II, #56 in Silver
This one is available in the wild, but I don't feel like buying and breaking a set to get it. Singles anyone?


2007 North Korea 60,000 WON penguin KM1164. No Image. Mentioned in book, but have never even found an image
If you happen to be visiting North Korea, stop by a coin shop, and I'll be happy to reimburse you should you ever return


2008 British Antarctic Territory Centenary of Granting of Letters Patent, £4 gold and £20 gold, KM#2 ( 21.2g, 13.92 mm) KM#3 (6.2g, 22 mm)


1994 Cook Islands "Mother's Love" penguin, $4 (1/30 oz), $20 (1/5 oz) or $100 (1/2 oz) gold coins,
I've got the most common 1/20th ounce, from Japan, but the distribution on these seems to have been limited to Japan


2000 Somalia Marine Life Protection 5000 Shillings, gold, 1oz, 37mm colorized










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