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Numismatic nomenclature
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I have three questions concerning terms being used right now in connection with a coin being auctioned by Great Collections. The description reads:


The current bid is $6500. with minimal further bids accepted in increments of $250. The auction ends Sunday, Aug. 6, 2023, morning PST. GC Item ID: 1413432.

Q1:  What does NET Proof-12 mean? 

Q2:  Would those  members who insist on an explanation of DETAILS be satisfied with the the characterization "GRAFFITI" as sufficient?

Q3:  GC accepts payment, of among other things, check/money order. Today, members who [secretly] denounced me as an unenlightened nincompoot for "parking" my money in "non-interest-bearing" USPS money orders will be delighted to learn their instincts were correct. My wife attempted to redeem a $1000. m.o. placing the recipient's name (her sister) on both the m.o. and stub.  [She had done this without my knowledge and consent.] Remedy proposed by the USPS: Report it stolen, and wait for the result. Cost: $17.30 for "Money Order Inquiry" i.e., an intensive nationwide search for an instrument we were holding in our hands. [Savvy collectors know there is a limit of $1,500. per USPO money order and no more than $3,000. may be purchased by one person at any one time.] Such instruments do not expire!   However, banks are not obliged to accept them. I do not know what GC's policy re money orders is, but I do know if a buyer wishes to retain his anonymity, he's going to need help.

So what about all the other [unfilled out] postal money orders? They cannot be used internationally and it is pretty clear domestic sellers are leary of them for the same reason they refuse to accept personal checks.  I suspect there is a special postal unit dedicated to resolving such matters.

The clerk behind the counter asked me why I did not charge my wife, of seven (7) years, standing right beside me, with attempted theft. [She was walking out the door with an envelope held palm up before I intercepted her at the front door and asked her, "We are leaving in two minutes. If you are going to mail something downstairs or take something to the refuse room right by the elevator, why can't you wait?" She froze like a deer in headlights. Theft? This is the same woman who told me I told her she should send money to her sister when she injured herself, lost her job, lost her income -- and her apartment. "When did I tell you that?", I asked her. "You know, when we got married.".[SEVEN YEARS AGO!] How do you reason with a woman who refused a deli clerk's offer of a sample of cheese, without tasting it, saying, "I don't want it! I don't need it!"  Outside, I asked her why she refused to taste the cheese. She told me with a deadpan look, "It had holes in it."  (It was Swiss cheese.)  :roflmao: :makepoint:  :facepalm:

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