1859 o Half Dime value
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   This 1859-O half dime appears to have uncirculated details but, unfortunately, has had a severe abrasive "cleaning", perhaps from a pencil eraser or a wire brush. While less severely "cleaned" coins can still be attractive, one as harshly cleaned as this isn't.

    A "problem coin" like this is difficult to value. An advanced or wealthy collector wouldn't buy it for any price. A young, new or "budget" collector might be willing to pay the value of a coin several grades lower, like Very Fine, or a percentage of the base uncirculated (MS 60) value. While an MS 60 1859-O half dime currently lists $350 in Coin World ($335 in NGC Price Guide), I wouldn't pay more than $75 or so (F to VF money, depending on which price list you use) if I wanted an example of this issue and didn't want to pay for a problem free higher-grade specimen or wait to find a problem free VF. Whatever price you pay above a nominal amount, it won't likely be easy to get your money back! 

Edit:   I just realized that this topic was originally posted in the "Coin Marketplace" forum, which is for buying and selling. As its purpose was to ask a question, not offer the coin for sale, it should have been better posted under the "Newbie Coin Collecting Questions" forum.

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