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Correct spelling and punctuation
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Like it or not, a great deal can be said about a writer who misspells words on these threads.   I am not talking about the occasional typo; we all absent-mindedly commit that error.

Recently, a family member called me out on "venting." But a cursory check revealed it to be a valid word. A prominent member here called me out on my use of "worser," but Shakespeare (of which there are a dozen or more different spellings of his name) absolved me.  Agreement of verb and tense is an entirely different matter; few have mastered the King's English and I regret to say language as spoken and expressed by the upcoming generation is clearly lacking. This is compounded by the fact that standard dictionaries report usage and meanings of words as currently used and no longer as intended. I was taken aback when I learned the popular old song, "Yankee Doodle Dandy" was actually used by the British derogatorily to insult and ridicule Americans. That aspect has been lost to history.

But I digress.  The words I wish to single out are "affect" vs. "effect,"  "walla!"  ("voila!") "fluorescent" and "collectible."

There are some who resort to "enuf," and I use "nite" and "lite. Much in the manner a New York paper refers to a borough president, as "beep." It may interest members to know the reason why a paper of record dispensed with the use of periods in acronyms, such as, FBI and CIA, was purely economical. Space costs money.  I seriously doubt you will find "laser," which stands for light amplification by simulated emission of radiation, or L.A.S.E.R., in common usage.  The New York City Housing Authority, is always refererred to as Nycha. By extension, I may not use "sawbook" to refer to a ten-dollar bill because z says so. I am sure our members will refer to hundred-dollar bills, as such, and not C-notes, or Benjamins.

Rather than confront a member directly over what clearly is not an inadvertent typo, or dashing off a PM which would be poor form and do little to enlighten the membership, I suggest a brief mention utilizing this dedicated space.  And if you wish to showcase your five-cent pieces, by all means do so, but bear in mind they're "nickels," not nickles!  🤔  


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[I could laugh this off and quote "Tommy" (Joe Pesci) in "Goodfellas," in substance... "You embarrass me i/f/o my friends... and you don't think you're being out of order?  You know 'Sonny,' you're a real ---- ."

I thought the O.E.D., and every other authoritative source was on my side, but noooooooo, my nemesis, the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary, one of those references I obliquely referred to as being among those which cite "enough current usage," so as to make the alternative spelling acceptable, pulls the rug right out from under me re-injuring my bad leg. To add insult to injury, (Ricky  [ 🐓 ] advised me against running the topic, and it turns out the Rooster was right!)  Curses!]   :makepoint:  :roflmao:

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