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What's Up With The Fairmont Collection (Hoard)

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What's up with this collection ? 

I see that Stacks-Bowers is having another auction on these coins next week.  But I have never heard of the ORIGIN of this hoard -- starting with the name "Fairmont" and how it applies -- other than it apparently is an amalgamation of various bank hoards from Europe (or maybe 1 big bank hoard, not sure).  "Collection" implies 1 person and intent to collect specific coins; a hoard to me is more random.  I've heard both terms used in regards to Fairmont.  Doug Winter has written extensively in his CoinWeek columns on this collection over the years.

The Fairmont Collection/Hoard is thousands of gold coins and I believe dozens (maybe hundreds) of Double Eagles (mostly Liberty's but some Saints).  Bulk of the coins appear to be smaller gold coins including Eagles, Half Eagles, Quarter Eagles, etc.

Anybody know more about this collection/hoard ?  Anybody buy any coins ?


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Fairmont is a name chosen at random to cover a large quantity of vintage USA gold coins repatriated over the past few years. They're noteworthy for including a number of rare dates and/or condition rarities, few if any of them having been cleaned. Doug Winters has been writing about this hoard for CoinWeek.com, so you can learn more about it there.

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