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I inherited a couple few dozen coins after my father passed. How do I know what they are worth? Are the values on here current and accurate? Or are they a ballpark number? How can I get the most money out of them? Without being taken advantage of!

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Welcome to the forum very sorry to hear of your fathers passing, first value is a function of condition and demand.   Are the coins already graded by a top third part grading firm like NGC?   If not then you will first have to determine the condition/grade of each coin before you can determine the value.   Once you have figured out the grades you can use the explorer section of the NGC website Explorer link to learn more about each coin and see the NGC price guide as well as some recent auction results for each coin and grade.   Guides are just that a guide, they may be high or low much of that depends on how much demand there is for a specific coin.

As it seems that you wish to sell the coin you have some options, if the coins are all in a TPG holder you could consign them to an auction house.   I would recommend Great Collections but there are several others.   The reason I would suggest GC is they generally have the lowest fees, are very quick to get your coins auctioned off and also usually quicker to pay you after the auction than some of the other well known firms.   A second option is to sell the coins yourself on a platform like ebay, there are fees for using a service like ebay but it might net you more than using an auction house.   And ebay will be the best choice if the coins are not already in a TPG holder.   A third option is to contact a coin dealer in your area (on the main NGC webpage is a list by geographical area) and have them give you an offer on the whole lot of coins.   This will be by far the fastest way, but you will most likely get substantially less for the collection as the dealer will pay wholesale (or whatever he feels is the least he can).

Knowledge is power, the more you know the better your chances of not being taken advantage of, especially if you chose to sell to a dealer.   So do your homework and learn about what you have before you make any decisions or choices.   If you have any questions about any of the coins you are welcome to post photos of them (read the post in the newbie section on how/what to post for feedback) and we'll do the best we can to help and answer your questions. 

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