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Dear All,
I hope you all are having an awesome day :)
I have been having a problem with with US customs and was hoping someone can assists me to understand what am I missing. so basically in the next section I will explain in general the issue I have been having keep in mind I am shipping my coins from UAE (Dubai) to USA (Memphis).
So basically Every time I send my submission from the UAE by Fedex  to NGC . Memphis, FL  customs hold my coins the and request additional information (MID) ( Manufacturer name and address or manufacturer identification code (MID) for each commodity required.Recommended action: Shipper or Importer must provide manufacturer name and address or manufacturer identification code (MID), I don't really understand where to obtain the MID and no one is providing e with sufficient information to be able to move forward. Usually my shipment ( Submission ) includes the invoice with all the details about each coin ( country, date , weight, metal … )  and sent through Fedex.
Should I add manufacturer identification code ( MID ) to the invoice ? how to know the (MID) for coins ?  I need to know the right way to send my Submission to NGC.
Appreciate your help on this
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Posted (edited)

Shipment purpose ( commercial ) OR ( return and repair ) ?

If ( repair and return  )  HTS ( 7118.90.00 ) OR ( 9705.00.00) ?


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