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1970-D Washington Quarter - Expert Grading Help
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Still evaluating my Dad’s old collection. Thinking of sending this quarter in for grading. In comparing to one’s seen at Heritages Auctions and others, I think this could grade very high and have some significant value. It has some beautiful rose bluish toning in upper left on both sides. The pics don’t do it justice. I would appreciate a more experienced eye to confirm (or not) my thoughts. Appreciate any feedback!





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Looks MS65 max to my eye form these photos.   Currently there is at least one NGC MS66 listed for sale on ebay for $16 OBO, to cover the grading/shipping costs you would need it to grade MS66+, which I just do not see from these photos.   I'm not trying to be harsh, it is a very nice coin, just maybe not worth the cost of submitting.

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I will use one of your photos to highlight what I see and break it down into three componets, first the marks.   There is a fair amount of chatter and busyness on the lower bust, and what appear to be a couple of reed marks in the hair curl over the ear and a couple in the right field, the rev is cleaner but a few marks on the eagle's leg and just under the left wing.   I am keeping in mind that your photos (very nice BTW) are large and that makes marks seem much worse that they may appear in hand.

Second the strike, I see a nice strike for the date which is not really grade limiting but not needle sharp either

And third, and the biggest grade limiting factor, is the luster seems more satin like and not the blistering luster that is desired to reach past a grade of MS66.

In summary a few marks, decent strike, but the luster is the biggest limiting factor from what I see.   Keep in mind that I'm judging photos not the coin itself, so in hand I might have a different opinion.   And if you are sending in some other modern coins it would not be that much extra to toss this one in and see if you so desire.



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I don't know but it's a beautiful coin!!  👍🏻

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