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Can this 2021-S 1$ Eagle T-1 graded MS70 NGC be a mistake with coin damage on reverse?
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Struck at San Francisco Mint
2021 (S) Eagle $1
Heraldic Eagle T-1
Emergency Production - ER
Early Release NGC

Question about this coin graded MS70
I noticed without any magnification on the reverse, their is some kind of damage on the coin, seems like a 'dent' or 'ding' next to the word "UNUM" ??
I looked up the coin on NGC site and the photo displays the same damage on the coin a  'ding or dent' before the letter "U" in the photo; this is after the coin was slabbed.
Any advice? I did pay for a MS70!

I am still learning and figured going to (NGC) looking up number would be the best way zooming in coin, without the pixel problems?

So is this really a MS70 ?  What do I do with this now?



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Welcome to the forum, I think that the mark is well hidden and slid past, maybe seen at the end of a long day.   I would be more concerned with that spot above the wing which is not in the NGC photo.   What to do, well that depends on when and where you bought the coin.   If possible you may be able to return the coin for a refund from the seller you bought from, if you are past the return window you can contact NGC customer service and see if they can help you under their guarantee.

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The latest figure I’ve seen quoted is that for modern silver eagles, graders spend less than 5 seconds on them. This is why I never get mine graded. 

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I believe it is a coin edge hit near the Unum. That is incredible that someone could miss that. I would be more concerned with that white spot over the left wing. The coin is an MS70, so if you can’t return it, you could always turn around and sell it and get another.

I looked at the production picture too. It didn’t seem very clear to me. Not like the photos they provide to me but then I pay the extra for the digital photo. I would also be concerned the the ding at 5 o’clock near the rim and whatever that black spot is on the obverse.


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yup, I see that spot now? hmm  maybe, like a blemish? 

SAD Emoji...darn 2 problems...bummer......    Good catch on your part!   (new post here )  seems it is slot machine coin with more than 4 errors  now????

MS70 after 'Happy Hour.'   

I got  the photo off NGC  site I used my pad to photo 'laptop monitor image'  off the NGC picture; my camera is not good enough for close up picture, so I  figured'  NGC has pictured online is best quality.

Well' they did also,  send NGC graded MS69 two 2021 T1 & T2 , which deserve a closer look now!  Lol   time to empty the safe and get my 5x optic's out!

Appreciate the sagely advice folks!       

I only started last few year's collecting coins and sure 'happy emoji'  I found help here.

I found this recently in my U.S. Mint sealed package a $1 SBA 1980 error coin; a ('grease error ' reverse side ) from my U.S. Mint sealed package. 

I could only scan the coin, since it is in 1980 OGP.  Folks find many of these and do they grade them in plastic or cut coin out?

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