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Raw BU Jefferson Nickel Trades - Please Read

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I would like to offer a trade to any collectors of Raw Jefferson Nickels. I have 21 rolls (or partial rolls) of BU Jeffersons. I have taken one from each for an album that I am assembling, sold some, given some to the kids, etc. I have also broken apart most of my mint and proof sets to get more. I still need quite a number of BU and Proof Jeffersons to fill my album.


Here's my offer. I will trade my BU jeffersons for the ones I need. I am interested in trading to someone who might want to start or complete a collection. Here are the dates that I have available:


1946 P-D-S, 1948, 1949-D, 1951 -D, 1953 -S, 1954 -D, 1955 -D, 1957 -D, 1958, 1959, 1959 -D, 1960, 1960 -D, 1961, 1962, 1962 -D, 1963, 1963 -D, 1964 -D.


In the past, I submitted several different nickels to NGC through Teletrade. The grades received on the ones I submitted ranged from MS63-MS66. Some of the MS63 and MS65 nickels came back with Full Step Designations. A few sold for decent money.


Please note: I HAVE NOT searched through these rolls for errors OR Full Step Nickels. I pulled a few out and sent them in to see what happened. I did not cherrypick them. Most of the ones that I see do not have full steps. I am not going to cherrypick them for you either. If you would like to trade, all I require is that the nickels you send look nice enough on both sides for veiwing in an album. They MUST be in Mint State condition with no detracting marks.


I need a lot of dates. 1938-1945 EXCEPT 39, 42, 43P.

47-55 Except 48, 49D, 50D, 51D, 53S, 54D, 55D, 55S.

1956D, 57, 58D, 65. (need these)



I will limit my offerings to a couple from each date. Take a look and see if you have anything I need. I would rather trade for most of what I need with one or two people, since it's not worth shipping one or two nickels at a time, but let's talk.



Greg takeit.gif

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