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Updated pricing per email sent out today.

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I received an email today that indicated that prices were going up and that all boxes received on or after 2/1 would be subject to the higher fees. I mailed off a box on Friday the 14th that had the grading and the return shipping fees calculated based on the old pricing. It should arrive at NGC this week but, with the delays on opening incoming mail, I'm thinking the box probably won't be opened until after Valentine's Day. Am I correct in thinking that both the grading services and the return shipping will be handled at the old rate, even if you don't open my box until after 2/1?

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Hello Revenant,

The new pricing goes into effect on February 1st, 2022.  Any packages DELIVERED to us on February 1st or after will be charged the new pricing.  Not post marked but delivered.  Packages that are already in the building by the close of business on January 31 will be getting the old pricing.



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Thank you, Lisa!

Based on USPS Tracking NGC should be in possession of the box either today or tomorrow.

I've said this elsewhere but the price increase is well warranted and I thought quite restrained. I'd really been thinking Moderns might get bumped to an even $20 this year with inflation doing what it has been doing and with you folks having to pay out hiring bonuses, overtime, and paying to expand facilities.

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