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HA.com: One click add to wantlist for US coins

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Have you ever seen something on HA.com and decided that you wanted to be notified whenever we have a similar item come up for auction? We now offer this option to add the exact item to your wantlist with one click. This is available for US coins now, as well as for art and comic art, with more types of collectibles on the way.

On the item page for certain items, below the Track Item button, you will see a new button to create a wantlist. When you click on this button for a US coin, this will start the process of creating a wantlist for you, bringing up an overlay with the details of the wantlist. To create the wantlist, simply click on "Create Wantlist". This wantlist is designed to let you know whenever the exact same coin in the exact same grade becomes available for bidding.

Once the wantlist is created, you can immediately modify it as you see fit, and the easiest way to do so is to click on the Edit Wantlist button as soon as the wantlist is created. Clicking this button will take you directly to the My Wantlist entry you have just added. For example, you might create a wantlist from an item with a grade of MS62; maybe you want to look for this coin in a broader grade range. Maybe you want to limit your results to a single grading service. Maybe you want a Plus grade - or a CAC certification. You can do all of this by editing the wantlist entry.

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Sounds like a useful addition, thanks.  I have been using the HA website for a bit over a year and while not an expert on bidding or use of the website, I have won a bunch of auctions and can navigate around pretty easily.

My one quibble is when searching for Past Auction Results I often get a highest price for a member of that group, but not the specific year or mint mark.  For instance, when asking for past auctions for 1924 Saint-Gaudens and then once I have the list and then further sort by Highest Price....the 1927-D from January 2020 invariably comes up to lead the board, sometimes with a few other outliers.  Though in fairness the bulk of the items , especially as you scroll down, will be the 1924 Saints or whatever you search for.

All-in-all, though, I find the HA archives a great resource.  (thumbsu

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