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1942 & 1947 quarter errors, as far as i know undocumented

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    I have researched and have not found any documented coins with these particular errors - they could be fakes but seems like if you were going to fake an error you would fake one that is documented , but what do i know point is I am not asking for an appraisal but I already have a 20 invested in two quarters that may be worth what 5? Then it's another 22 each plus the 25 membership fee so i will be out $100 on coins that are obviously circulated. These particular years which is 1947 and 1942 don't have an particular collector value beyond the respect for their age unless of course they are flawless, however I do believe that would change dramatically if these are graded as official mint errors as they would be from what i can tell the only of their kind known for these years - what does a newly recognized mint error do to the value of a coin and is it worth the investment to have these graded? that is barring them being fake 













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Your coins did not look like that when they left the mint. Someone has tamped down the edges as the first step in producing rings to wear. Why this operation was never completed is anyone's guess.

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