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I just picked up this old crusty 1803 large cent.  I like the detail, but I'm concerned about the corrosion.  I would like to stabilize it, and possibly remove some of the crust without causing further damage.  I know that "cleaning" a coin is always a bad idea.  I've heard of soaking in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for long periods of time, but I've never actually had any success with this method.  I've also heard of a product that will dissolve corrosion crust without altering the toning (brown color) of old copper coins.  I can't remember the name of that product, and I don't know if they even still make it.  Any advise would be welcomed.  I would also love to hear your opinions on that big hooey on the obverse above Liberty's forehead.  Planchet void perhaps?

1803 planchett void-Rev.jpg

1803 planchett void-Obv.jpg

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I believe the product you are referring to is "Verdi-Care". I have used it myself with a fair amount of success.

It was so long ago that I can't remember which supply house I got it from.

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17 hours ago, dleonard-3 said:

That's it...…….but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere.  Thanks.

go onto the coin community family forum and mention it. it is made by a member there. If I remember correctly his name is 'Bad Thad'

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