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Chinese Coin, Currency or Feng Shui?
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Chinese Coin, Currency or Feng Shui? I looked through hundred of dynasty coins and found 1 coin with 2 of the symbols on it. On Ebay for $60

China Qing Dynasty Qianlong 1 Cash Coin Jiangsu Mint









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I will not claim to know what it is called, nor what it is made of, but it resembles thing that the Indians would put behind the arrowhead on an arrow to make it protrude further into the flesh when they hunted. I've only seen one and for just a very short time at an Indian Pow Wow

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49 minutes ago, Mr.Bill347 said:


I found one very similar, I think, omg there are thousand of these things!


I know, right? Tons of them. I also saw some charms that were quite similar. 

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I saw somewhere that they used to carry those coins on strings because they didn’t have pockets back then. 

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That’s pretty close, but the square hole was because:

Most Chinese coins were produced with a square hole in the middle. This was used to allow collections of coins to be threaded on a square rod so that the rough edges could be filed smooth, and then threaded on
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