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Numismatic literature for sale

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I originally posted this list seeking advice about where to sell these books. Although it was never my intention to sell them from that original thread, a couple of members expressed interest, and we subsequently made a deal for several of the books. Those have been removed from the list, but there are plenty of good titles left. I will do my best to price these books fairly. More often than not, this equates to a 50-75% of current going rate (based on sold listings) for comparable books on eBay plus a reasonable amount to cover shipping. If interested in multiple books, I am willing to chip in a little to cover excess shipping charges. If you are interested in any of the titles listed, please comment below or send me a PM. I am also happy to answer any questions and provide pictures upon request. 

United States Coins

  1. Numismatics of Massachusetts, Malcolm Storer, 1981, hardcover, 319 pages.
  2. John Hull, The Mint and The Economics of Massachusetts Coinage, Louis Jordan, hardcover, 348 pages.
  3. The Treasure Ship S.S. New York Her Story, 1837-1846, Bowers, 2008, 94 pages.

United States Tokens/Medals/Currency

  1. Patriotic Civil War Tokens Revised 4th edition 1982 Update 1993 die photos, softcover, 124 pages.
  2. Alaska Tokens, Ronald J. Benice, 179, hardcover, 208 pages.
  3. 100 Greatest American Medals and Tokens by Jaegar and Bowers (2007), hardcover, 119 pages.
  4. College Currency Money For Business Training Illustrated, Schingoethe, 1993, 463 pages.

World Coins

  1. (2 Books) J. J. North: English Hammered Coinage. Volume I. c650-1272, 1963, 198 pages [and] English Hammered Coinage Volume 2, Edward I to Charles II 1272-1662, 1960, 183 pages. The first editions.
  2. Brand J. D., The English Coinage 1180-1247: Money, Mints and Exchanges British Numismatic Society Special Publication No. 1. 1994. 92pp, 5 b/w plates
  3. The English Silver Coinage since 1649. 5th ed., Rayner, 1992, hardcover, 254 pages.
  4. Spink. Coins of England & The United Kingdom. Decimal Issues. Standard Catalogue of British Coins. Part 3. London: Spink & Son, Ltd., 2018, Fourth edition, 227 pages.
  5. Coins of England and the United Kingdom 48th Edition 2013, Hardcover, 648 pages.
  6. Illustrated History of Coins and Tokens Relating to Canada English/French 2005, paperback, 239 pages. (324281726755)
  7. Charlton Standard Catalogue Canadian Coins 1995 49th Ed
  8. Coins And Tokens Of Scotland, Seab, 1972, hardcover, 160 pages.
  9. Sylloge of Coins of The British Isles 22 Part V Hiberno-norse and Anglo-Irish coins, 1975, hardcover
  10. Coinage in the Celtic World, Daphne Nash, 2004 Reprint, 153 pages.
  11. 2009 Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-date, softcover, 432 pages.
  12. Thomas Simon His Life and Work 1618-1665, Alan J Nathanson, hardcover, 60 pages.

World Tokens/Medals

  1. Price Guide to 18th Century Tokens, Schwer, 1983, 175 pages.
  2. Seventeenth Century Tokens Of The British Isles Michael Dickinson, first edition, 1986, hardcover, 292 pages.
  3. Schwer Price Guide To Unofficial Farthings, paperback, 248 pages.
  4. British Tokens And Their Values by Seaby 1970. Hardcover, 199 pages.
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