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Undated America the Beautiful quarter
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Hi again. I know I already I have one question in que, but I thought I would give you another to ponder on when you have the chance. 

America the Beautiful quarter with blank reverse; therefore, it has no state or date. Just a faint bit of lettering from E Pluribus Unum on the reverse edge. It is also smaller than the standard for the quarter (as shown in the pic) and appears to weigh less (my scales have yet to arrive. The reverse is smoother than silk though it looks to be rough. I looked up America the Beautiful quarter errors. One error was being struck in a nickel planchett. Do you think that was the case here? This has baffled me since I saw it. 

Again, thank you for your time and input. Your help is dearly appreciated. 🙂














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Welcome to the Forum

Your quarter is just damaged. Someone has intentionally removed the reverse and removed the reeding on the edges, that is why it looks smaller. There is no way that could happen during the striking of the coin.

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Thank you. After I went through the trouble of taking all those pictures and typing my lengthy 🤦🏼‍♀️ inquiry, I decided to read how coina are actually minted. I fell asleep before finishing the article (book) but had already come to the conclusion that my sad little quarter was a dud. I'm gonna find something one day and y'all are gonna hear me holler from wherever you may be. Lol

Thank y'all for being so nice. Some people are so... Not nice. It is so much easier just to be nice. Being rude is just exhausting, but then again, I am from Mississippi, where we can "slap your face and bless your heart in the same sentence".

While waiting on my microscope and scales to arrive, I have another thing I would like to have an opinion on, if you don't mind. I will post it in a little while... I know y'all just can't wait for this one. 


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