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1961 d Quarter with possible errors
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Hey y'all, I am Sharann. I know hardly anything about coins but I have gotten totally hooked on evaluating every one see! I would really appreciate any input you can give me. I am sending the best pictures I can right now made with my phone. My microscope and scales are somewhere in transit but I live in Mississippi and we have totally shut down cause of the snow. If the pics are not good enough, I totally understand and will send additional ones when I get my packages. Anyway, about this quarter... It has always been wrapped in plastic but I took it out to take pics. I have been watching and reading a lot about errors in coins, grading etc.. As a result, I ran across another 1961 d quarter DDR RPM (I hope I got that right). I hope the pics are good enough for you to tell if this one could possibly be like it! I would also like to know if you think it is worth sending off to be graded and what grade you think NGC would give it. 


Thanks in advance for helping me. I wish I had taken up coin collecting long ago and then maybe I could help you 😊











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From one Magnolia Stater to another: Welcome to the forum.

The pictures are too fuzzy when enlarged to determine if there is any doubling, but I will tell you that there are currently no known doubled die reverse varieties for the 1961D quarter. That does not mean that there are none that exist, but the odds of finding an unknown variety on a 60 year old issue are not great. There are, however, five re-punched mint marks that have been identified. I am going to give you links to two different pages that might be of help: our host's Variety Plus page for Washington quarters LInk Here, and the Variety Vista page, as well Link Here.

You can compare your coin to the pictures on these two sites, and see if you come up with a match. Remember: "kinda-sorta close" doesn't count. It has to be an exact match.

Hope you are ok in the snow and ice.

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Hey there. We are doing good. My kids are LOVING the snow and ice. I wished for a foot of snow and by golly I got it. I enjoy it too. 

Thank you for your feedback and for being so kind. The way you replied made me understand why it wasn't what I imagined it to be. You made me want to look for more instead of put it down and I appreciate that. Like I told Greenstang, I'm gonna find something one day and y'all are gonna hear me from wherever you are, lol. I have another item to post, until I get my "tools" delivered anyway. Oh, Lord, when they get here I may have more questions than ever. 

Again, thank y'all for being so nice and making me enjoy my new hobby even more. 

I'll be posting this next little ditty in a bit. 



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