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For Sale: #1 All-Time PCGS Franklin Half Dollar FBL Basic Set, Circulation Strikes ("Linda Gail")!!!

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Larry Shapiro Rare Coins is proud to present for sale the #1 All-Time PCGS Franklin Half Dollar FBL Basic Set, Circulation Strikes ("The Linda Gail Collection"), which includes the single finest graded 1948-D, 1949, 1950-D,  and 1963-D as well as 25 others tied for finest graded (20 of which are CAC Approved). 

Set Rating: 70.155
GPA With Top Bonuses: 70.155
GPA Weighted 69.155

Here is the complete PCGS Registry Set link and list:

1948: MS67+FBL (Tied for finest)
1948-D: MS67+FBL (CAC) (Top Pop, 1/0!)
1949: MS67+FBL (CAC) (Top Pop, 1/0!)
1949-D: MS66+FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1949-S: MS67+FBL (CAC)  (Tied for finest)
1950: MS67+FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1950-D: MS67+FBL (Top Pop, 1/0!)
1951: MS67+FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1951-D: MS67FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1951-S: MS67FBL (CAC)
1952: MS67+FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1952-D: MS67FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1952-S: MS66+FBL (CAC)
1953: MS66+FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1953-D: MS67FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1953-S: MS65+FBL (CAC) 
1954: MS67FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1954-D: MS66+FBL (CAC)
1954-S: MS67FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1955: MS67FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1956: MS67+FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1956 "Bugs Bunny": MS67FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest for variety))
1957: MS67FBL (CAC) 
1957-D: MS67FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1958: MS67+FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1958-D: MS67+FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1959: MS67FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1959-D: MS67+FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1960: MS67FBL (Tied for finest)
1960-D: MS66+FBL (CAC)
1961: MS66+FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1961-D: MS66+FBL (CAC) (Tied for finest)
1962: MS66FBL (Tied for finest)
1962-D: MS66+FBL (Tied for finest)
1963: MS66+FBL (Tied for finest)
1963-D: MS67FBL (Top Pop, 1/0!)


We look forward to speaking with you!


1958 IBV.jpg

1958 REV.jpg

1958 obv lsab.jpg

1949 obv.jpg

1949 rev.jpg

1949 obv slab.jpg

1948 obv.jpg

1948 rev.jpg

1948-D obv slab.jpg

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