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1878 CC Vam 9----I2- R3

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Hello all,


Is this coin rare?  Is it worth it to get it graded?  I have verified it is a Vam 9 w/ the broken 4th star, line though wreath to the O in one... I just need to know if its wirth getting graded.  Its in great shape.

1878 CC VAM9---I2-R3 002.JPG

1878 CC VAM9---I2-R3 003.JPG

1878 CC VAM9---I2-R3 001.JPG

1878 CC VAM9---I2-R3 005.JPG

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Its really impossible to give a good assessment of the coin when the photos are taken with the coin in a 2X2 like that, there is some glare from the plastic window and it makes it tough to really see the surfaces.  CC Morgan's are a favorite among many collectors and always seem to sell well if selling is your goal and having the coin authenticated and graded will help in getting the best price.  As a conservative guess the coin looks to be MS63 or MS64, perhaps better but that's the best I can do with these photos.   The question on is it worth getting graded depends on what you want to do with the coin, if you plan to sell it then depending on how much you have in the coin and where you intend to sell it will help to define if its worth it.  Having it slabbed will help assure buyers that the coin is legit and better define the dollar value depending on the grade it might receive from a major TPG like NGC.  Slabbing will cost $50-$60  and auction houses usually charge a sellers fee, ebay also has fees to sell there so again it all depends on what you paid for the coin.  Also important to know is that I believe NGC will not attribute VAM-9, which means that its too minor a VAM in their opinion. 

If It were mine I would get a nice Kointane style holder (to better protect the coin from any damage) and enjoy the coin, best of luck with what you decide to do with the coin.

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