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Possibly Marcus Aurelius?
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Hey Y'all. I am hoping to get an identity on this Coin. It isn't my Coin but a girl is asking for help with it and while I am keeping my smart mouth shut for a change, I totally disagree with a guy that it is a PIUS and he has a bad attitude and I REALLY wanna come through. I been looking for hours and can't find a Reverse-or is it the Obverse with Ancients- that looks like a monkey sitting at a bar. So here I am asking the ones that always seem to come through for me. I also think it could be maybe a Pontius?  

Thanks for any input you have.- Karen



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Could be this one, or one like it:

 CNG - Commodus. Sestertius. Italia on globe.
     Commodus. 180-192 AD. Æ Sestertius (23.97 gm). Laureate head
     right / Italia, crowned, seated left on globe, holding
     cornucopiae. RIC III 438; Cohen 266


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@justbob I think you have it there. Seems perfect to me. Idh the Coin. It belongs to a friend, but idt it's needed cause you are spot on. 


I must have looked at heck idek how many pictures of Coins but I was looking at Roman. 

Thanks so much.

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