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Need help to verify

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1972 D penny not only has double rim but appears to have extra copper around the top of Lincoln's head, doubling of several letters on the back and what I thought was a fingerprint on front and back but is off metal planches possibly. I've searched for days for one similar with no luck. If anyone could point me in a direction to get this verified I would much appreciate it.



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Welcome to the forum.

Your Lincoln cent is quite interesting looking, but does not contain any errors, as far as I can see.

The "double rim" is the result of the obverse (front) die being slightly misaligned with the reverse die and the planchet (coin blank.) While not actually normal, it is not that uncommon, and is only worth a premium (in most cases) if the offset is enough so that part of the design is actually missing.

The lines on the obverse and reverse that appear to be fingerprints are, in fact, just that - possibly from a thumb or palm of a hand, judging by the size and shape.

The blob on Lincoln's head was almost certainly put there after the coin entered circulation. It does not appear to have any of the design detail pressed into it, which eliminates the possibility of it being a "struck-through" error. I would guess that it is not metal, but some glue or other substance that was spilled on the coin and hardened.

If there is doubling on the reverse, closer, clearer pictures will be necessary to determine if it is something other than strike doubling, which is not valuable. I did check Variety Plus and Variety Vista, and only saw one doubled reverse for this year and mint mark, and your coin does not match that one, as far as I can tell.

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