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I saw lately some mistakes at cointrackers.com and I couldnt find a way to contact them

For example today I searched the value for an 1897-s Barber Quarter which I remembered is a key date and they[coin trackers] had it valued for $22 whereas usacoinbook.com has G-4 for $130!

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3 hours ago, Lancek said:

This site has a price guide.  You could always use it.  I found an error on NGC's world coin price guide.  I made them aware of it and they fixed it.

If you wrote about NGC price guide

I Followed prices on eBay for Panama 2 1/2 Centesimos which sell for nice premium and NGC world price guide has VG for $4 and at most 63 for $50

I contacted NGC for this and some time ago and haven't yet received a response 

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Does "Cointrackers.com" allow one to follow the trail left by every coin in the world, all the time?  Do they have specialists who can follow the footprints of certain rare coins deep into the jungle and under the frozen snows of Antarctica? Do they track coins lost in shipwrecks, or coins lost at the beach, or the notorious Stella in a California landfill?

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On 1/1/2021 at 4:16 PM, Lancek said:

Selling on ebay, or sold on ebay?  Big difference.  What year, years are you talking about?  1904? 1978? also big difference.  Raw coins I see as low as $2.50.  AU range in the $40-$50.  "Buy it now" as high as $150.00, but no guarantees any one will pay that.  One MS 65 at $99, which seems reasonable based on the normal jump from 63 to 65.  I see one '04 NGC MS 64 with a bid of $172.  Which seems high to me.  But it is blast white.

Other than that one, I don't see a big discrepancy between the average prices on ebay and NGC's price guide.  They populate their world coin data from Krause.  Checked my Krause catalog, which is $5 lower than NGCs for an '04 MS 63, but my catalog is a couple years old.

NGC price guide seems to tracking Krause prices accurately.  To get that value changed you would have to contact Krause.  When I found the error with NGCs guide.  It was a data entry glitch.  VF coins were showing up as higher priced than XF, AU and sometimes even MS.  And when cross checked with Krause, the VF data was completely wrong.

Sorry I meant the 1904 KM# 1

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