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What is this Russian coin?

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Working die? “A” mint Mark in center to left of eagle. And some type of spelled lettering name as well. No rim stippling either.




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I agree.

It is a Russian bullion piece.


From numista:

These ingots were used to repay gold mine owners who supplied gold to the mint.
Both the Dolya and the Zolotnik are weights, not denominations.



Crowned double headed eagle within small circle. About the clutches of the eagle sign of the main probiere St. Petersburg Mint "A and D" - Alexander Dobronizskiy.

Lettering: А Д

Translation: A D


Weight. The purity of the silver.


990 Probe
10 Zolotniks

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ПРОБА [proba] means to "try" or "test" as in "test of the fineness." It would be understood in Russian as 0.990 fine silver [Серебряный].

A Russian золотни́к (zolotnik) is a weight unit equal to 4.2658 grams. The piece shown should weigh 42.658 grams, 0.990 fine silver (or 42.23142g pure silver). These were a common way of returning silver to gold mine owners after parting native gold and silver.

US Mints initially kept the parted silver from California gold deposits to pay for the cost of parting and refining. Eventually, they returned silver to the depositor by check, currency or bullion bars.

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I see these pop up for sale every once in a while, I wouldn't call it rare. I think the asking price on that one is/was too high but it wasn't outrageously priced. 

If you're looking for a deal or something special I'd pass on this one.

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