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Counterfeit 1799 Great Britain 1/2 Pennies

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A new eBay seller from Albania just listed a bunch of counterfeit coins. I have included item numbers for the 1799 halfpence, but it looks like everything else they have listed is fake. 




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The Great Britian pennies and 5 Shilling I can see as being counterfeit. I'm not familiar enough without doing a lot of research on the Chinese and European coins to voice an opinion. If you can point out why you think they are counterfeit, then please explain. 

For those who cannot gain access, here is a photo of one of the Great Britain coins. Looks like it is fresh from the mint. (probably is)


1866 penny Obverse.jpg

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I realize now that I failed to mention that they are listed on eBay. @Just Bob you should be able to pull the coins up by searching for the item numbers. On any note, I have included a link to one of them. If you view the sellers other listings you will see almost everything they have listed is counterfeit. 


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All of the British coins are counterfeit. A cursory glance from even a novice could determine that much. I don't know enough about the Chinese coins to argue the point in detail but based on my general experience with numismatics I am comfortable calling them for what they likely are. I’ve already reported the British pieces. I just didn’t have the time to report the other 35 items they have listed. 

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@Just Bob I just found another eBay seller (numisvlora) with multiple counterfeits listed along with well-circulated/damaged genuine coins. The English counterfeits are easy enough to identify (almost comical), but I did not have the time to look through the 9,721 items they have listed. 

Here is the link to their shop: https://www.ebay.com/usr/numisvlora

Here are some item numbers that you can look up:




@Greenstang this one is my personal favorite. It can be yours for $199.75! :roflmao:


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