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November 22 Coin Auction

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Good afternoon, everyone!
It’s been about a month since I’ve had an online coin auction; I have been attempting to get the auctioneer (who hosts the auctions) to consider lowering his buyer’s premium/fees.  In spite of FIRM resistance on his part, I finally convinced him to make a one-time adjustment to the next auction’s fees to see how it goes.  
SO - that’s GREAT NEWS.  I’ve gotten the total fees for this auction lowered to FIVE PERCENT (down from what we all thought was a completely unreasonable 22% + 3% + 2.2%…yeeesh.  I agree with you on that.)
ANYWAY…back to the point.  I’ve got an auction this Sunday, November 22 starting at 12:00 PM EST.  There are 573 items SO FAR (I’ll be adding some BU 2 Euro Commemoratives, Euro Starter Sets, and some used Big Star Jeans…and maybe even all my circulated Type B Washington Quarters.)
What’s in the auction: Lots of world silver, US silver, type coins, US toner sets (self-assembled mixed dates), tokens including some cool older wooden nickels, proof sets, commemoratives, a bunch of graded US coins valued from as low as $20 all the way up to $6k.  I’ve even got an old X-Men comic (#30) that I randomly had sitting around.
Shipping: A lot of random auction houses hammer you on shipping.  I do NOT do that.  I usually charge within $1-2 of exactly how much it costs me to ship your order.  I also hate having orders sit around the house, so I ship them usually the same day I get paid for them (usually clears around Wed/Thurs after the auction.)
Pre-registration to bid is required (to sift out people who like to bid but don’t care so much about the paying for their order part.)  You can register and bid through one of two sites:
I need this to be a strong auction so the auctioneer will see the benefit of having a reasonable buyer’s premium - it's been almost impossible to sell any graded coins even at half price guide with those fees - so hopefully I have something in there that you can add to your collection and we can help each other out.
Thanks, and have a great day!
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