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1960 Mint Uncirculated Half Dollars

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My grandfather left me with a plastic like tube - $10 uncirculated 1960 half dollars.  I’m looking for advice on what to do with them? 

1. Keep them and just store them away

2. Sell them and if so, how would I even know what they are worth and who would buy them?



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First, your 1960 half dollars are 90% silver. At current market prices for silver each coin is worth about $8.75. The $10 face value roll contains 20 coins, so the "melt" value of the entire roll is approximately $8.75 x 20 = $175.00.

Next, carefully remove the coins from the tube and lay them on a soft cloth surface (towel, etc.). Handle coins only by the edge and never try to clean or "polish" them.

Last, look carefully at both sides of each coin. On the reverse (bell) is there a small letter just above the cross bar? If there's no letter the coin was made in Philadelphia; if there's a D it was made in Denver. Put any coins with bumps or scrapes to one side - they are of less interest to collectors. Take a few closeup photos with a real camera of phone camera and post them here. Members can then offer more suggestions.

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