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Are these errors correct and do they deserve to be classified? What is its approximate value?

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Unique errors, such as delamination and strike through, have limited followings and are generally tossed into non-repeatable errors. Little added value, and can greatly reduce value of a rare coin.

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46 D is a strikethrough, 41 is a lamination, 1953 D is removed from an encasement, Can't tell what if anything is on the 25 or 37, 1934 is a lamination  Values are minimal, less than a dollar retail each except for the 53 D which is about 3 cents as a common damaged wheat cent.

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قبل 58 دقيقة ، قال Conder101:

46 D si يتوسطه خط ، 41 عبارة عن غلاف ، تمت إزالة الغلاف ، 1953 من الغلاف ، لاحظ أن الغلاف كان موجودًا في 25 أو 37 ، 1934 عبارة عن تصفيح. 53 D وهو حوالي 3 سنتات كسنت قمح متضرر.

Do they deserve to be rated?  What is the expected price for them?  all thanks









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