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1992 half and half penny

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If you are referring to the colour, it is caused by environmental exposer of some sort. Looks like one half was covered while the other half was exposed. The obverse is also a slightly Misaligned Die (MAD).

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20 minutes ago, Greenstang said:

No, that is a WAM

Ok thank u.I've got so many new coins u wouldn't believe and I'm so embarrassed that one 1982 d small date copper penny I had I accidentally lost it because my niece came over and I've been collecting coins for about 3 years now still didn't really know much of anything until about a year and a half ago.I. started watching a lot blue Ridge diver hound YouTube videos and some couch collectable lol but I was separating them and she's 12.I remember dropping it and freaking out she was bored wanted to roll pennies I gave her the ones with the new backs but I had to unroll one of hers I could see from the end penny it wasn't one I'd given her but I'd already spent the other 4 rolls she had rolled up so either it's under my bed somewhere or got took to the bank.I'm sick at my stomach over it.I'm living in a hard situation me and my son and with the absence of my daughter who I have custody of because of her crazy dad and I'm trying to find just that one or a few it doesn't matter to change our lives.but at the same time I respect the hobby and gained lots of knowledge about history

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